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A new fresh Mediterranean brand and again Welcome into the world of Mediterranean life! Meditera Food provides a large selection of speciality foods, packed by unique brand Meditera Food. Our brand Meditera Food and dozens of countries and their best Mediterranian dishes are here for you to enjoy and make yourself. We just want you to help other lovers of Mediterranean food to find the best ones we have available to offer. The Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by at least 16 countries, and there are many different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, religion, economies and agricultural procedures thus resulting in different diets. However, there is a pattern in the so called Mediterranean diet: high consumption of fruits, vegetables, bread, potatoes and beans. Olive oil is an important monosaturated fat source. Fish and poultry are consumed in moderate amounts and almost no red meat is eaten. Wine is consumed in low to moderate amounts. Mediterranean cuisine is the food of the areas around the Mediterranean Sea.

Meditera cousine

Meditera food products are consumed in Albanian cuisine, Algerian cuisine, Arab cuisine, Bosnian cuisine, Catalan cuisine, Croatian cuisine, Cypriot cuisine, Egyptian cuisine, French cuisine, Gibraltarian cuisine, Greek cuisine, Israeli cuisine, Italian cuisine, Lebanese cuisine, Libyan cuisine, Maltese cuisine, Montenegrin cuisine, Moroccan cuisine, Palestinian cuisine, Portuguese cuisine, Sardinian cuisine, Sephardic cuisine, Serbian cuisine, Sicilian cuisine, Slovenian cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Syrian cuisine, Tunisian cuisine & Turkish cuisine.

Canned oily fish is good - how hard is it to make a canned salmon sandwich or serve canned sardines with a salad or add canned pilchards to your pizza?